Codex, the all-in-one solution for a modern museum visit.

Codex is based on the escape game model: high engagement and constant discovery.

Bring this feeling into your museum with interactive tours. Designed as an adventure game, made to teach, created to be remembered.


Interactive visit

We believe culture is essential. Break the standards of cultural discovery; spectators become active. Don’t simply provide culture, make people be part of it.

Make them remember

Use gamification, and make people be active by the use of logical skills and interaction with the app. High proactivity, high retention rate.

Highly flexible material

One or several changes? One call is all you need. Inform us of the modification and fix it under a day. Fast and efficient: swiss-made.


We create an interactive discussion with historical or fictional characters. They will guide the visitor through your exhibition.

Stories of quality written by scenarists

Elements of the exhibition connected together by the storyline

User guided through unique enigmas, learning and discoveries

"A story, multiple masterpieces, and a unique experience!"


The app relies on tiny sensors, placed in the museum, called beacons.

Keep track of the visitor's position during the tour

The location of the player triggers certain events in the app


Know more about your visitors. Use the data created by the players to analyze your audience’s behavior.

Where do they go first? Where do they stay the most? Where do they never go? Draw answers from the data.

Obtain measurable and real metrics about your audience.



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