1- Distance teambuilding:

Leave planes, taxis and hotels where they are, we have a solution: distance teambuilding.

This original and time-saving bundle is designed to be simple. Order it, connect your team and play.

2- Personalized teambuilding:

Bored of overused teambuilding methods?

Unique and customized experience for each client. Your story and values are your identity ; share them with your team!



A unique teambuilding

Get rid of the distance, create bonds no matter the location. Up to 8 offices can play together around the globe.

An innovative teambuilding

Interactive app and augmented reality games? Definitely not an usual teambuilding. Your company is innovating, make it visible, show off!

A low-cost solution

No more overpriced transports and accommodations for your teambuilding. Boost cooperation and trust without any additional cost.

Include your values

Your company has values. We design a scenario that follows them. Don’t let your co-workers simply guess who you are, show them.

A reusable teambuilding 

A simple kit is delivered in the workspace of each player. Use this kit an unlimited amount of times, whenever you need it. A teambuilding for up to 8 places, available anytime.

On-boardings and visits

An on-boarding event? A new building to visit? Tell us what purpose does the scenario has to serve.
To each need its unique adventure.


1- Order your teambuilding

2- Kits delivered to you by mail

3- Gather your teams, on the same date, the same hour

4- Connect them through your favourite communication tool

5- Launch our application and play!




Happytal, in Paris, relocated their headquarters. They called us to make the visit and the discovery of their new building a memorable event.

Teambuilding designed for 90 co-workers

Particularities of the medical field included

New office discovered by the different teams

Teams of five players, interconnected enigmas, six different rooms, in less than an hour.4.9/5 satisfaction rate.
Pretty good, isn’t it ?

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