Jérémy Bensoussan

Chief Executive Officer


Msc. Management at EPFL

Jeremy is in first year of master in Management of Technologies and Entrepreneurship at EPFL. Bringing to Codex a global and social vision, he is able to handle the management of the team and the proper functioning of the project that he co-founded.

Stefan Rotarus

Chief Marketing Officer


BSc. Communication Systems at EPFL

Stefan is the CMO and a co-funder of Codex ; studying at EPFL in Communication Systems. Having previously worked as BuisDev at TasteHit, he brings to Codex his experience in marketing, communication and sales. In practice, he will be thrilled to explain you what we’re doing at Codex, passionately.

Paul Renauld

Chief Technical Officer


Msc. Computer Science at EPFL

Paul is in first year of master in Computer Science at EPFL. After winning the price of the best grade of EPFL during his first year, he decides to co-found Codex. Especially loving technical challenges, he exploits his skills to create our smartphone application. The support of our concept.

Antoine Desjardins

Chief Creative Officer


Msc. Engineering Ponts et Chaussées

Student at Ponts et Chaussées, Antoine takes care of the creation of the scenario. As a COO, his culture and his writing skills are a real daily assets.

Loïs Michel-Mazan

Content designer


Msc. Neurosciences at UNIGE

Lois is a student in first year of master in Neuroscience at UNIG. After a bachelor in psychology, he joins Codex as a content creator. He puts his good mood and his social psychology knowledge in service of the story we create.

Jean Baraschi

Business Developer


Ms. economics at HEC Lausanne

Jean is a student at HEC Lausanne in third year of Bachelor in economics. Using his experience and his knowledge in marketing and sales, he allows our customers to enjoy our products! Don’t hesitate to contact him for information, he will be happy to answer!

Jarod Conte

Web Developer


MSc. Computer Science at Université de Rouen

Jarod is a student in fourth year of computer science in Rouen's university. His deep technical knowledge in a variety of field allow him to develop new infrastructure for Codex. 

Léo Meynent

Software Developer


BSc. Communication Systems at EPFL

Léo is a student in third year of Bachelor in Communication Systems at EPFL. The different project he took part in, his skills in Software engineering and his deep involvement in the association life at EPFL make him a precious asset for Codex.

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